PRICES (Detailed Form)

At Real Extreme Touch, we offer a very affordable Rates & Promos regardless of holidays. Since we're open 24/7, so our Promos runs 24/7 as well. :)

We give you an equal quality of service yet a variety of alternative rates to cater your budgetary and time constraints.

Now, you can focus and avail your preferred  service package such as;

  1. Massage (Full Body Massage)
  2. Hydro Wash (Hydro Wash + Full Body Massage)
  3. RET Signature (Body Scrub + Hydro Wash + Full Body Massage)

Hereunder is our Detailed Price List;

  • A perfect squarely choreographed massage.  A thorough whole body massage that performs by two therapists (masseurs) massaging in synchronized movements.

Catch us here and we'll keep you posted anytime.
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  1. What's in the VIP that's not in the typical room?



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