JAYMAR, The Wild-Eagle Masseur

"Ang lalaking manloloko ay mainipin at gusto mabilisan; Samantala ang lalaking seryoso ay kayang maghintay gaano pa katagal, di mainipin at may respeto." (The crooked man is impatient and wants to be quickly; While, the serious man can wait patiently for a long time and respectful.)

The reward of being patient is amazing. It's not only that the world is smiling at you but you can have the sweetest smile to smile with anyone, too. I realize that being impatient leads to nowhere, waiting rewards you with true love and happiness.

Just stay cool and everything will go right!

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"A massage can be an interpersonal laboratory. It's a way of working with cognition, emotion and interpersonal acts in a way that helps you manage your emotions and health in order to see it in a different perspective. Have my massage and feel the difference." RealExtremeMasseurJaymar

NAME Jaymar
AGE 28 years old
HEIGHT 5'5" (165cm.)
WEIGHT 165lbs. (75kgs.)
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