Love Always Wins

"Ang Pag-ibig laging Panalo" (Love always Wins)

Coming-out is not an easy process for either parties (son/daughter to his/her parents). But coming-out is the best thing that MUST happen in the life a gay person. Nothing can be happier in the world but to be of "who really you are..."

In the world we live in, not just those in countries where gays are considered enemies of the state nor being persecuted of just living the so-called gay-life,  even in countries where we know are open and gay have those freedom to live a normal and decent life, still many people (or families) couldn't accept this reality that gays existed.

Our hopes and dreams that one day and at the end of day, everyone should accept that we are human as lovable and caring as everyone else....

We do hope that people surrounds us, specially our families, must put us in the center of their hearts equal to  everyone without discriminating us anymore.

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Hope you'd enjoy and learn on the video you've watch above. Now, it's time to get relax!


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