"Ang hindi makuntento ng isa, dapat ginigisa." (If your not satisfied with only one, you must be fried (grilled/terminated).)

I was been once stick-to-one lover. My eyes were once focus to only one person whom I've looked to be my companion in raising and building my family. However, without knowing, I was fooled behind and left hanging in wonder... thinking on how I could rebuild a world that was already ruined. I kneeled and stood-up, been thinking and working again 'till suddenly I was awaken with brand new day. Now, I am enjoying with life I have today.

I am so lovable and will always be loving not just to only one but everyone who will also love me.

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NAME Lloyd
AGE 23 years old
HEIGHT 5' 7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 132lbs. (60kgs.)
Would you LIKE him?


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