#RainingPromos (Monday & Tuesday)

Thanks to all our Guests (Clients)... 
You're our inspiration for this continues BIG DISCOUNTS...
Signifies our greatest thanks for your support by patronizing our services for the entire 5th year of the New Management and  including those years that you've supported us since year 2001.

As we humbly shout for you to GRAB this EXTENDED offers which will always be available every MONDAY & TUESDAY every week for the entire year. We will continue this promo because we'd love to see you enjoying the essence of  our gratitude.

Check & compare your savings below;

I. 25% Off on Quadra Touch Packages (Twin Massage)

Look on the impact! It's almost "Get 1 Take 1" offer... I guess it's not that bad, right? Hope you'd enjoy this deal.

II. 15% Off on REGULAR Packages (One Masseur per Session)

Feel the difference! Enjoy the impact of your discounted One on One Massage Session.

Don't you know that you can even take FREE massage?

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