CALIX, His Wit brings Relief and Excitement in a Massage Session

"Sa bawat PASUBOK na dinaanan ko, sa bawat LUHA na pumatak sa mga mata ko, at sa bawat SUGAT at HAPDI na tiniis ko, lahat ng mga yan pinagsasalamat ko. Dahil ang mga ito ang humubog sa akin upang maging MATATAG na tao." ( With every TRIAL I went through, with every TEAR that dripped in my eyes, and with every WOUND and PAIN I endured, I thank all of them. Because they shaped me to be a STRONG person.)

Of all the trials I went through, the coming pandemic (COVID-19) was the worst storm I ever had.

It is difficult to earn a living because our massaging massage (Massage Therapy / Spa) was not allowed to be done or closed, we were severely affected due to the long lockdown.

But we must abide by government policies in its fight against COVID-19.

Now being allowed again, albeit gradually, we desire to rise again.

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"My massage boosts your mood and promotes better quality sleep, thus making you feel more rested and less worn-out at the end of the day." Real Extreme Masseur Calix

AGE 28 years old
HEIGHT 5'5" (165cm.)
WEIGHT 154lbs. (70kgs.)
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