ALLAN, The Passionate Masseur

"Ang PAGSUSULAT, kapag masyado mong diniinan hanggang sa susunod na pahina nagmamarka. Katulad ng PAGMAMAHAL kapag masyado mong ibinigay lahat, yung sakit na gawa ng nakaraan, dala pa rin hanggang kasalukuyan." (In (manual) WRITING if you press too hard, it will leave a marks on next page(s). It is just like LOVE when you give everything to someone, the pain of the past, still lives up to now..)

Love is perfect to someone. It can not be measured by any forms or any means... It either ceaseless or forever and  'till death to heaven. I treasure every good and wonderful memories that marks our love together.

I just want to love you. If you gonna hurt, it's up to you. What I know is "loving you!".

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"It's no secret that my massage relaxes you and makes you feel good mentally which improves your mood in general and accordingly increase the “feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine”.  " - RETAllan

AGE 29 years old
HEIGHT 5'8" (173cm.)
WEIGHT 170lbs. (77kgs.)
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