Real Extreme Masseur Migz

"Hindi ko hinihiling na pahalagahan mo ako ng sobra. Ang gusto ko lang maing tapat ka kahit hindi tayo magkasama." (I do not ask you to treasure me too much. I just want you to be honest when we're not together.)

Loyalty coupled with trust is the factor of a strong relationship. Because of the love that binds together, no distance could separate each other. In today's technological advancement, neither an alibis nor a reasons could justify the absence of each other. It's affection that makes any distance shorter or nearer.

Love must not be measured by mere presence, it must be measured even in the absence of the other who is working for the best future of the family.

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"Let my touch soothes your anxiety and depression or eases your muscle pain. I hope that after my massage, I have served my purpose." - RETMigz

AGE 28 years old
HEIGHT 5'10" (178cm.)
WEIGHT 160lbs. (73kgs.)
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