GIO, the Coolest Masseur

"Ang maamo at magandang mukha ay kumukupas at naglalaho sa kalaunan. Pero ang magandang puso at asal ay di mawawala kahit kailan." (The meek and beautiful face fades and eventually fades away. But good hearts and manners will never be lost.)

When I asked my friend if I would be okay at Real Extreme Touch, he told me with confidence that I can. I doubt but I know that even most of the time appearance gives the first impression, I want to show that my heart would be the first thing that must be seen because I don't know if I have that looks :(.

For now, I want to help my parents and siblings... so, I will do my best to serve with my heart. I hope that even I am new on this trade or service, my Real Extreme Family and its Clients would welcome me.

Allow me to  Render my service with Excellence in order to Touch your heart!!!

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"My massage loosen muscles and tendons allows increased blood flow throughout the body. Improving your circulation can have a number of positive effects on the rest of your body, including reduced fatigue and pain management." RealExtremeMasseurGio

AGE 20 years old
HEIGHT 5'4" (168cm.)
WEIGHT 110lbs. (50kgs.)
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