YUAN, Has the Compassion & Heart At Work

"Kapag namulat ka sa kahirapan at walang-wala ka, mas marami kang mauunawaan sa buhay at mas papahalagahan mo ang mga bagay na hindi nakikita ng iba. " (When you are aware of poverty and you have nothing, you will understand more in life and you will appreciate things that others do not see.)

The lack of food, and even any of my efforts during the pandemic, is still lacking, still hungry. This is what I have learned in life, need to be prepared at any time because the test of my ability and strength for survival, like this COVID-19, comes suddenly.

What I have learned so much from this pandemic is severe suffering when there are no savings. I had to walk a few hours just to get home because there were no cars. And on my journey, I realized that by the time I got back to work, I would work hard and save so that I would always be ready and not expect or just wait for help. I pray that the Lord will guide our leaders, especially President Duterte, so that they can have a clear decision as to when this lockdown would stopped, because now causing us more difficulties and sufferings.

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"It's my massage that can relax your muscle tissue, which may lead to decreased nerve compression, increased joint space, and range of motion. My massage leads to reduced pain and improved function." Real Extreme Masseur Yuan

AGE 28 years old
HEIGHT 5'8" (172cm.)
WEIGHT 160lbs. (73kgs.)
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