J.M., the Masseur with a Touch & Smile of Relief

Ang ahas nagpapalit lang ng balat para maging mas malaking ahas (pero ahas pa rin). | The snake just sheds its skin to become a bigger snake (but still a snake).

It's nice to have friends but only a few can be trusted. Sometimes even if we are repeatedly cheated, lied to or betrayed, we are always ready to understand as much as we can. But until when? All I knew was until God said "That's enough, that's enough!". So when the time reached the peak point that we are in too much pain, we have to think if we can bring back yesterday? Can the broken friendship be restored? Can a destroyed/ruined home or relationship be rebuilt?

Because in my view, we need to move on and part of that is to forget the past. Get rid of pain. Avoid those person who makes you smell bad just to make them smell good.

Like in a massage, you need to know the pain so you can massage it to get rid of the pain, not to make it worse. Adjust the pressure to make the client feel better and relieve. Avoid the affected area or wounds so as not causing pain and worsening the pain. It should be simple, render the service so that the clients go home happy.

AGE 21 years old
HEIGHT 5'7" (170cm.)
WEIGHT 115lbs. (63 kgs.)
Masayang magkaroon ng mga kaibigan pero iilan lang ang tapat na mapagkakatiwalaan. Minsan kahit paulit-ulit na tayong niloloko, pinagsisinungalingan o pinagtataksilan, handa tayong umunawa hangga't kaya. Pero hanggang kailan? Ang alam ko hanggang sabihin ng Diyos "Tama na, Sobra na!". Kaya kapag dumating ang pagkakataon na labis ng pasakit ang inabot natin, kailangan mag-isip tayo kung pwede pa ba nating ibalik ang kahapon? Pwede pa bang ibalik ang nasirang pagkakaibigang? Pwede pa bang buuin ang nawasak na tahanan o relasyon? 

Kasi sa aking pananaw, kailangan nating magmove-on at kabahagi nito ay ang limutin ang nakaraan. Iwaksi ang mga pasakit. Iwasan ang taong pinabaho ka para lang maging mabango sila.

Gaya ng masahe, kailangan mo alamin ang sakit para doon mo hilutin para maalis ang mga sakit hindi para palain pa ito. Itama ang diin para gumaan ang pakiramdam ng klyente. Iwasan ang bahaging may sugat nang hindi magdulot ang kirot at lumalala ang sakit. Simple lang dapat, ayusin ang gawa nang uuwing maligaya ang mga klyente.

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